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by Joules


By Joules

Fresh Fruits

Fruits, Juices et al

Continual passionate efforts have resulted into a menu with all the right ingredients to nourish your body simultaneously adding a little extra energy to your day, without starving your craving taste buds

Our organic fruit based freshly squeezed juices, fruit cream and milkshakes uphold our promise of health and taste, our experimental twist to the conventional bread favourites, maggi and pasta win every gourmand’s heart and our latest addition of pancakes makes the chic go yummmm...

Healthy Indulgence

Order servings as per your appetite, so that you pay only for how much you truly indulge in!

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Melting Mango

Allow the goodness of the king of fruits merge with your being to beat the heat, bite after bite

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Luscious Lychee

Enjoy the unique mix of the sparkling pulp blended with scrumptious berries, and feel your spirits joyously refreshed.

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Sweet Strawberry

Lose yourself to the fresh glossy berries, and if that’s not sinful enough, splash it with chocolate

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Juice up your moments!

With loads of refreshingly natural flavours packed with raw energy and prepared in utmost hygienic environment, Joules is the trendsetter in defining Juicing Culture!

Juicing as an industry has always been unexplored in India because people only look at juices from only one point of view – ‘healthy’ (read ‘thus, boring’!)

Joules came into being so that people find out how fruit fare can be fun too, in addition to being healthy! We aim to create a space that encourages a lifestyle change, where people come together over a glass of juice.

With this philosophy etched in our hearts and minds, we have come to offer exotic variety of fruits made into sinful yet healthy recipes to not only feed your soul, but also provide good fuel for your body. This has resulted in Joules being the category-defining retailer serving freshly squeezed-to-order healthy juices, premium fruit smoothies, creamy fruity delights, thick fruit and chocolate shakes.

This concept has been welcome by innumerable ‘fun-via-juice’ enthusiasts, young and old alike, thus motivating us to spread our wings far and wide. Consequently, Joules has successfully developed a recognized brand consistent to all the outlets, with its standardized level of service and quality.

Joules - The Journey

The story of Joules began in 2010, when Rajiv Sharma’s drive to create a brand led him to envision something that had not been touched by any other entrepreneurs by then. With the idea of good, hygienic juice served in a café ambience, Rajiv gave form to his enterprise which was further backed by his wife, Khushboo Sharma’s focus and strategies.

With his background as Mechanical Engineer, MBA in Finance, M.Tech from IIT Kanpur and a secured position at L&T for 3 yrs, it was a risky proposition to toss it all away and start anew. However, this same background had passed on to him the wisdom – Higher the risk, greater the rewards!

Ahmedabad as a location choice came naturally to them, as what better place for such an experiment than the ‘land of dies’?! The response received was great and gave Joules exactly the kind of kick start it required.

Soon, Rajiv’s passion for juices became well-known in their family & friend’s circle and once they got to taste his drink recipe mix, many of them agreed to fund Joules without a second thought. The duo felt humbled by such faith in their venture and along came a new level of responsibility, of being accountable for other people’s hard-earned money.

Like any non-conventional start-up, their story too witnessed a series of initial course corrections. However, their persistence and passion were all set to start a trend and make their venture an uncommon success saga in itself. They built the brand - one customer at a time. First to introduce a Juice Café in Ahmedabad, Joules is now a proud brand. Six years, and four stores (Ahmedabad Anand Baroda & Surat) later Joules is still growing strong.

The duo stays grateful to the customers, suppliers as well as franchise partners for without whom Joules would still be just another café!

Want to spread the Juice culture?!

If you share the same passion for juices and fruits, grab the opportunity to become our extended family members. Take advantage of our proven business model by making moderate investment and become a proud owner of a profitable healthy food chain franchise.

Why Joules:
- Hands on detailed approach
- Standardised operations
- Best practise in product creation
- Value driven investment vs ROI
- Franchise owner, company run model
- Technology driven customer loyalty and engagement

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